Welcome to Site Alpha

by WarChimp Industries

An outdoor site with the pace of a close quarter environment

Defend the house

A compact fortress with escape tunnel and bunker

With the ability to monitor nearly the whole 5 acre playing ground, our "kill house" gives you the opportunity to lay-down fire on the advancing enemy or escape via the bunker and pull back to the sniper tower. 

Over Watch

We took our van and tuned it into a sniper tower!

What started off in life as a run of the mill van has become the station for a one man army, use the van tower to provide over-watch for your team or get up there with your LMG and spray the enemy from afar!

Here to listen

Games are not set in stone!

Although we have a range of our own games and ideas on how the sport should be played, We are always open to suggestion. If you have a great idea for a game on the day let us hear it and if its viable we'll put the game on. We like to have feedback and involvement from all who attend Site Alpha so don’t be shy. 


Be an Alpha Primate

Become a Site Alpha member and receive discounts and more!

Membership to Site Alpha is £50 per year and entitles you to a £10 discount per game day.

Our members also benefit from member only events, Members only competitions and members only give-aways.

Membership and the LAW

If you want to purchase your own guns, you need a valid defence

one of the best ways to have a defence is to obtain a UKARA registration.

To be eligible for us to register you as a UKARA member you must attend three game days over a period of two or more months.

If this is something you would like to do, please speak to a member of the WarChimp team on site who will gladly talk you through the process.

Health and Safety

  1. 1. Safety Glasses / Masks must be worn at all times when on the game site.
  2. 2. SAFE AREAS - Safe areas are any area other than game fields including the entry track, car park, briefing areas and rest areas.
  5. 5. Deactivated / bladed weapons or inappropriate (non-Airsoft) pyrotechnics should be left at home including bayonets, samurai swords and machetes.
  6. 6. Any player caught with a loaded weapon or dry-firing their weapon in a safe area will be instantly dismissed from the venue even if you have just arrived.
  8. 8. All weapons to be chronographed before use
  1. 9. No Smoking in the combat / game arena. Only in designated areas.
  2. 10. Do not climb or damage any structures or props.
  3. 11. Do not stray into any Impact Blackpool game areas. i.e. Paintball, Archery, Laser tag.
  4. 12. Follow all instructions from appointed marshals immediately.
  5. 13. Toileting facilities are provided by Impact and will be pointed out by the marshals.
  6. 14. Be respectful of all impact property.
  7. 15. Until 1st Feb the area and pond on the right of the track is off limits to Airsoft Players.
  8. 16. Inhalers must be carried and identified at the start of the day to other players.

Warchimp Airsoft has access to the site via a shared driveway and car park. This shared access has other people who attend activities with Impact Blackpool and can range from children to seniors.

Site Alpha FPS Limits

Full auto weapons: upto 370 FPS Minimum engagement @ 25 feet

Single shot (semi only DMRs and snipers): upto 520 FPS Minimum engagement @ 60ft

Hand guns (close quarter weapons): 350 FPS MAX

Game day pricing

Make the day as MIGHTY as you want with a range of options

Regardless of your skill level we have an option for you, If you need FULL support and kit or just want to "walk on" and shoot we can get you sorted!

New to the zoo

  • Use of weapon
  • 2000 rounds of ammo
  • lunch provided
  • Training on weapon usage

No time for lunch

  • Use of weapon
  • 2000 rounds of ammo
  • Training if needed

Full Blown Chimp

  • Turn up
  • Own Gear

Non Members Prices

  • Walk on (Own Equipment) £25.00
  • Rental of Gun, Face Mask and 2000 BB's £32.50

Members Prices

  • Walk on (Own Equipment) £15.00
  • Rental of Gun, Face Mask and 2000 BB's £25.00
  • 1 Year Membership £50.00
  • Membership + Game Day (Own Equipment) £65.00
  • Membership + Game Day (Rental as above) £75.00

Other Items

  • 2000 0.20 BB's (£1 back for empty bottle) £9.00
  • 2000 0.30 BB's (£1 back for empty bottle) £11.00
  • Camo Tape (4.5m roll) £2.50
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Words from the Alpha Primates

Now and again our very own Chimps feel they have something profound to say 

This is where you will find their words of wisdom (term used very loosely)

photo blog
Waistcoat warrior

Neil Waring - Co-founder of WarChimp gets his new MP5 from Bomb up in Runcorn and he decided to make a little video so he could bang on about it a bit!



photo blog
WarChimp site launched

We have launched the main warchimp industries site. This is where you can find all the other UK airsoft sites, retailers and even some offers and promotions.

Check it out often for updates

photo blog
Custom builds

Much to the detriment of our families, we have begun building custom rifs. Based on a firehawk model, Ollie or "Blitzz" as we know him has received our first. Featuring Promethius internals, Shimmed gearbox and of course custom paint.

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